Monday, January 5, 2009

tag bapaknye panjang

aarrggghhh kenapakah aku d tag oleh acik sepanjang ini????


what shampoo brand do you use?
rejoice + sunsilk

what conditioner do you use?
tak gune pun..

do you use flat-iron daily?
ohh tidak..

what styling product do you use?
tak pakei

do you prefer your hair to be up or down?
up???? down sudah... ikal...

is your hair long or short?

do you dye your hair?
oh no!!

do you use the same color, or do you experiment with other colors all the time?
wat? kaler pensel?tade..dh abes...huhuhuhu...

how often do you dye your hair?
aku tak kaler2 rmbt laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..


do you wear make-up?
erkk..mekap? tak reti aku de...

what brand of foundation do you wear?
tak gune pun..

what brand of Mascara?
pun tak gune gak..

do you wear eyeshadow?
erkk...ohh tidak..

what brand?

what color blush do you wear?
tak gune lerr...

what brand?

lipstick or lip gloss?
hurrmm hurrmmmmmm dua2 ade..

if the answer is gloss, what flavor?
tak ingat lak..ade dlm beg lg satu..

what kind of cleanser do you use?
sabun betik aje

do you use the Biore pore strips?
tidak pernah..


are your nails natural or fake?
natural ler...

long or short?

what color do you normally paint your nails?
tidak pernah..

do you get manicures often?

what about pedicures?
ape tu??

do you paints your toenails?

what color?
takde maknenye...


what is your normal style?

what is your favorite brand of clothes?
asal buleh pakei, aku rembat aje..

where do you normally shop for clothes?
jusco ke sogo ke giant ke tesco ke..mane2 tak kesah..

do you like to dress up, or are you more casual?
casual sudah..

do you wear a belt with all of your pants?

do you like flared leg pants?

do you wear shorts in the summer?

how about tank tops?

how many pairs of jeans do you own?
3 kot..


how many pairs of shoes do you have?

would you wear a pair of shoes that hurt your feet because they are too cute not to wear?

are you a flip-flop lover?
flip-flop tu lolipop ker?

what about stilletos?
ape mentos???

what size shoe do you wear?
hurrrmmm 5.. kecikkan.. tp tgk kasut gak.. kdg2 6..

do you own a lot of dressy shoes?
dressy shoes tu ape?

do you own any Mary-Janes?
ape tu?


what is your favorite accessory?
hurrmmmm... my gelang!

do you have a lot of jewelry?
nope..but..mama nye kite nye gak.. lalalalala...

how many pairs of sunglasses do you own?
one only

dont you just love the big sunglasses?
tak sgt la..

do you wear earrings daily?

what about necklaces?
ade je..

only one..

have too..

how many watches do you own?
uhuk..kite tade jam... :(

do you wear a watch daily?
kite tade jam laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

how many purses do you have?
satu je..

do you switch purses often?

does your wallet have to match your purse?
purses dgn wallet laen eh?

are your purses the huge ones, or are they smaller?
aku penin dh..heh


do you buy the frilly, girly underwear, or plain cotton ones?
ape ni??shhh.....

how do you feel about thongs?

does your bra HAVE to match your undies?

how many bras do you have?
perlu tahu ker?

how many pairs of panties do you own?
astaga..ape punye soalan daaa....

what about socks, how many pairs?
tah...ade dlm lemari arr...

do you wear different colored socks, or do you prefer plain white?


bapaknye jenuh aku kn jwb soalan ni bai....
skang aku nk tag korg lak...heh!

- Nazattulsyima
- Princess_misz
- IrineNadia

*3 tag tak siap lg ni.. heh

peace (^.^)_v

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